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We are often geographically distant from our customers, but the technical means available to us facilitate remote work. We exchange by phone, mail or Messenger, but programs allow us to share a screen and work on software or a site at the same time.

Team Viewer, the ancestor

TeamViewer is a benchmark in remote maintenance. With this program, you can connect to any computer in the world with just a few clicks. You can share your screen with your correspondent, or access his PC.
However, TeamViewer is free for personal use, like troubleshooting a friend or family member. Professional prices are overpriced, however.. So we will turn to its equivalent : Ultra Viewer.

Ultra Viewer, the clone, free and efficient.

Ultra Viewer hit the market some time ago. This program also allows you to connect to any computer in the world in just a few clicks. A l’inverse de Team Viewer, it's a completely free program. You can install it without fear. This program will allow us for example to manage or remotely repair your computer. Of course, you must have internet access.

Installation is quick, and you can connect to a remote computer immediately, especially since the program does not require any additional configuration. At launch, you are greeted by an intuitive double-panel window that displays your username and password as well as your partner's credentials.

It should be noted that the application includes an instant chat window which allows you to communicate with the user. – useful for real-time dialogue when audio conversation is not possible. It’s handy for sending a “copy paste” identifiers. I remember that, like TeamViewer, the program must be active to allow a connection. Furthermore, the password is generated each time, therefore the speaker will not be able to connect to your extension without your knowledge.

It is with this program that we will train you on the management of your blog, from your store or for any other operation requiring screen sharing or access to your PC.

Ultra Viewer

I advise you to download and install it before any intervention. Click on its logo to access the site then on the green button “Download” who appear on the screen :

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