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Finding a website address is one thing, grabbing it is another.

The frequent confusion between the address bar and search

I very often see users enter the internet address in the search engine input box. This area is reserved for entering words allowing a search on Bing, Google or other selected engine. Thereby, by doing this, they therefore launch a search on the terms entered. The result is the display of the list of sites affected by the entry and you must then click again to reach the site.

I also encounter panic situations when I give for example a temporary site address, or newly created. Search engines take a few weeks or even months to index the sites. The owners are in total distress because the site does not appear in the list.

The address bar

It suffices in fact to enter directly, in the browser address bar, the address of the site to visit. The address bar is the input area at the top of the browser and where you will usually see the site starting with “http://”.

Here are some indications :

  • it is useless to type “http://” before entering the website address. By validating, “http://” will be automatically inserted by the browser
  • it is often unnecessary to enter “www.”. Indeed, except for exceptions, the sites will be accessible whether or not you enter “www.”, so take the opportunity to save a few keystrokes. However, in rare cases, the “www.” can be mandatory or prohibited. In this case you will correct your typing spontaneously
  • do not forget the extension : “.with”, “.fr”, “.org” etc… Indeed, see infodevnet.com and infodevnet.fr, these are two different sites; some big brands even use the “.with” for the institutional site and the “.fr” (or other extension depending on the country) for the public site.
  • beware of typing errors, malicious sites have registered domains with faults to trick you on arrival

In the case of sites in “.with”, there is an interesting shortcut. Let's do the test with “infodevnet.com” : position yourself in the address bar, type directly “infodevnet”, nothing else. Then make a “Control – Entrance”, i.e. press the Control key (Ctrl at the bottom left of the keyboard), hold down and press “Entrance”. You will see that the browser will directly write the “http://www.” at the start and the “.with” after your address.

Confusion at Google

Google offers to enter the address or the search terms in the search engine input box.. In the case of web addresses, the direct link will only work if the site is indexed, i.e. registered in Google databases. I therefore maintain the fact that it makes more sense to enter the elements properly : search terms in the engine, and the addresses in the address bar.

You should know that on the contrary, browsers suggest using the address bar as an entry area.

The trick is to take good habits and of course to read what's on the screen, what is often lacking.

Good surf everybody.

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