Publish on Instagram from your PC

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Publish on Instagram from your PC

Instagram doesn't allow users to post photos and videos from a desktop computer. But since its takeover by Facebook, the rules are relaxed.

Publication by browsers

First there was the possibility to publish via the web browser of smartphones, and therefore browsers like Chrome or even Edge made it possible to simulate their presence on a laptop and publish with ease. This thanks to the developer mode of browsers which allow you to emulate the Smartphone mode.


There are now simpler. Extensions exist for Edge, Chrome and Opera. These extensions are small programs that add functionality to your browser. After installing them, you usually find them to the right of your browser's address bar. By activating it on Edge, for example, you will find the visual of a smartphone. Just click on the usual buttons to publish on Instagram.

Publish on Instagram

Click on the link of your choice to download the extension from your browser :

Remember that you can also publish your WordPress articles directly using extensions like Blog2Social for example. I will tell you about it in detail in a future article.

Good publications !

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