My Prestashop store : I regularly do my backups.

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You focus on your sales and stock, but you often forget to protect your data ! I am not yet going to launch alerts on the risks of crashing, file loss or hacking, we talk about it quite often. But it is more than necessary to make regular backups of your store : client files, products, sales etc…

Here is a quick guide to allow you to save your shop. Attention, it concerns the version 1.7 by Prestashop (current version)

The database

First you should know that Prestashop, like WordPress and content managers (CMS) consist of 2 parties : the database on the one hand, the site, son design, his photos and his extensions on the other hand. Of course the database and the data are extremely linked.

On Prestashop 1.7 the data backup procedure is simplified. You have to go to the Back Office (your management interface) – Click on the menu “advanced settings” to the left.

You will then arrive on the database management page – Then click on “BDD backup”

You will then see some instructions. It is better to put the store in maintenance mode the time to proceed with the backup. You can click on the button “I read the warning – Create a backup” – The system will “mill”, wait for the continuation without clicking again.

You will arrive on this message inviting you to save your file on your hard drive – to finalize the backup.

A copy of the backups remains on the server. So you have two backups in two different places – the system is therefore secure.

The site and the data.

As I told you above, the database is the engine of your store, on the other hand, don't forget to save the game “physique” of the site : the template, photos, extensions, etc…

The best solution is to copy the content of your accommodation to your hard drive. For that, I advise you to use Filezilla which is in my opinion the most suitable and reliable product to manage these copies simply. This is software for transferring files from one server to another or from a server to a PC using the FTP protocol (File Transfert Protocol).

It is easy to use and I recommend this tutorial which will indicate the manipulations to be carried out. Filezilla is suitable for backing up all your sites whether it's Prestashop, WordPress or your HTML / CSS site. However, it will never be able to directly back up your databases.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have problems finding the technical parameters of your accommodation. It is indeed necessary to configure an FTP access on your account.

Third-party solutions

To make your task easier, you can go through third-party software as a Prestashop extension. You will find them easily online, an average amount ranging from 50 at 200 €.

You have to choose the plugin, because remember that any software grafted to your store can be a gateway for piracy. Also look at the developer's sales number, remarks and follow-up to avoid DIY enthusiasts. Optionally make your choice in Prestashop certified extensions.

Good backups !

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