The 4 characteristics of an ideal logo

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My mission as a graphic designer is to bring your ideas to life, with a simple design, who will be quickly recognized and who will tell your story.

1-The simplicity

Look for simplicity, it is essential for me. This advice can apply to many areas, but is particularly relevant for logo design. In order to attract the attention of your customers, it is essential to extract and synthesize the ideas and values ​​that you wish to convey through a clear and unique visual message.


it is essential to know what already exists in your sector of activity to find an original track that will set you apart. Choose colors, distinctive shapes and symbols that will help you differentiate yourself while staying in tune with your brand's personality. An original logo that looks like you.

3-The sensibility

It is also essential to think about your target to awaken their sensitivity and to know what will affect them. It will therefore be possible for me to create this atmosphere, that special touch that will allow customers to recognize your personality.

4-Versatility and consistency

To be efficient, a logo must be recognizable on all your communication media, whether in print, for your office or on the web. ... Make sure it's as striking in black and white as in color, small or large. It is also essential to provide several versions of logos : simplified icon, horizontal and vertical declination.

If you want to discuss the design of your logo or feel that yours might be worth a little refresher, I will be happy to talk about it with you !

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