Big day for Colette is getting ready !

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The new store “Colette is getting ready” is online.

I had the pleasure quite recently to introduce you the site and the blog “Colette is getting ready”, by Jeanne GRECO. Now it's the turn of the new version of the store “Colette is getting ready” to appear on the web. This is indeed what 22 May Jeanne officially launch her new online store. She offers her brand new jewelry collections “Made in France”, that she makes herself in her workshop.

This shop replaces an old solution that is not very ergonomic and less practical. She just joined the trio “site – blog – boutique” which is a good solution for selling and communicating online.

Visual side

You will find, on the Colette store is getting ready, elements and visual style of the site. The photos were all taken by Jeanne, who knew how to create a visual style in his shots really showcase his products. The photographs therefore perfectly illustrate the chic and bohemian style, with a soft and sensual touch, but still in finesse.

Technical side

The shop was made on a Prestashop basis which is a product complete and fairly simple for the end user in its management part. The online payment module chosen is that of the CIC, integrating strong transaction security and an optimal management interface. A big thank you to the CIC who knew how to give a boost to the installation of the contract.

The template chosen is the one offered as standard by Prestashop. It is efficient and fully secure. We have worked hard on its customization and its adaptation to the environment Colette is preparing. Note the complexity of online stores, and the importance of creating a stable tool, ergonomic and secure. We could, as for the site, work in good harmony, to achieve a result that, I hope, will please you.

I encourage you to visit the store, and especially to take advantage of a welcome offer by following this link. A useful little gift as we approach Mother's Day.


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