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Flight Radar – see who's going over your house

I sometimes take advantage of the informal side of this blog to make you discover original or unusual sites, as Flight Radar, or to share more fun than cultural information.

The sky was sadly empty during the confinement of this second quarter 2020. For some people, it's the return of a pure sky, in which only birds or insects fly. But for others it is the symbol of a blocked economy and frozen international trade. It’s also the announcement of a dark period for countries living on tourism.

Air traffic

But let's go back to our site of the day. Flight Radar is a site created in 2007 by the Swedish company Svenska Resenätverket AB and whose vocation is to display information in real time on the flight of commercial or private planes thanks to the data transmitted by the ADS-B transponder equipping the planes. The site positions airliners or freight planes on a map by specifying the flight data and the characteristics of the aircraft. Data is sent to ground-based radars in response to their interrogation, or spontaneously.

Reception equipment, become inexpensive, allows volunteer ground stations to send data received from planes to sites like FR24 or Planefinder.

This can be used to view data such as the departure and arrival airports., the company, the type and number of the device, l’altitude, speed. The route taken by the aircraft is also displayed. Photos of the device, provided by registered users of the jetphotos.net site, are also available. Some data, not transmitted by aircraft, are added by sites using databases. Histories are also available, by flight number or aircraft number.

This site therefore gives you in real time the origin, the route and destination of airliners. It allows you to identify the planes that pass regularly over your home.

Flight Radar


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