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weather transferSend large files with We Transfer.

Many do not know how to send a batch of photos or documents to friends, colleagues or family member. The mails allow the sending of many files but the size of the photos increasing, it is binding to have to send several emails for some documents to send.

We Transfer is a great free file transfer app. You can send your colleagues or friends all types of files : videos, music, photos, documents and this very simply. Everything is done through an online application, available on

You can send very large files – until 2 GB in the free version – that cannot be sent by email. Indeed, the size of the attachments that you can send by email is 5 = 15 MB on average. You can use Dropbox services, One Drive or other clouds to switch to 3 Mo. I'm talking of course about the total weight of all attachments. Furthermore, if you exceed the size, you will not have any error message warning you that the mail does not arrive at destination. Your correspondent will not receive anything either.

Easy to use

So go on the website, no registration or subscription is required, there is also no need to fill out a long form. The procedure simply involves entering your e-mail address and that of your recipient (s)(s) – until 20 possible. You just have to choose the files to download. These files are available to your correspondent during 2 weeks. You will also receive an acknowledgment of receipt by email when your contact has downloaded the files.. The latter will therefore be able to download the files without any difficulty and without the obligation to register for We Transfer. If the files are not downloaded in time you and your correspondent will receive a reminder email.

The interface is simple and pleasant, and offers a link to We Transfer Plus. This paid professional solution but in my opinion very good value for money. It is intended for companies that regularly have large shipments to make. It’s this corporate version that funds the free version :).

A little advice : do not hesitate to zip your files to send in order to transfer them in a single manipulation. If you don't have effective compaction software, see freeware 7 zip in article which was published here.

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