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Text messages on computer – comfort

We often used SMS to exchange info, or communicate. In the professional field, it is sometimes useful to be able to archive them, and get info there.

I have been using an application for a few years “My phone explorer”, very simple and effective. Since 2 about years, being “insider” for Windows, I switched to the dedicated application on Win10. But these days, following advice from Stéphane from STCI.Tech, I discovered and tested the Google interface. I admit I was pleasantly surprised.

The solutions offered simply serve as an interface. This is the phone that sends and receives the emails that you manage on the different solutions that I offer :

The Microsoft solution, a clean application

Microsoft has already implemented a solution with the application “Your phone” directly integrated into Windows 10. The computer and the phone communicate using Wifi. A Bluetooth connection even allows you to manage calls from the PC to the phone. It is practical and quite ergonomic. However, it does not allow dynamic management of messages (suppression, ranking).

La solution Google : a more practical aspect

Google offers another solution with an online application, therefore Pc compatible, Mac and others. It’s actually a Facebook Messenger interface, very fast and complete. So you have access to your messages in a very user-friendly way. You can manage them, delete them, archive them, what the Windows application does not allow.


As you will see, it's so practical that we are tempted to use these solutions for prospecting. So don't forget basic rules of prospecting by SMS.

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