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Running in BapaumeWe haven't given any news on our web development, but it’s not for lack of material, on the contrary !

This month the City of Bapaume is in the spotlight, with a first site for the association “Running in Bapaume”, which is now launching registrations for the Foulées Bapalmoises 2016.

A friendly and dynamic team organizes, throughout the year, races and outings in a friendly atmosphere. The site is associated with a blog which will gradually be set up. So we let you discover it on

Running in BapaumeThe best thing to do to present the association, is to let your president speak, Jacques Cinet : “Running in Bapaume is an association where the key words are conviviality, Team spirit, good humor and frank camaraderie. There is no spirit of competition or individuality. Everyone stays free of their training. Our slogan : We run for fun, we leave together and we come back together, never bickering, only fun !”


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