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CCleaner – often installed and little used

I have already mentioned in previous notes the importance of maintaining the PC. So let's talk about CCleaner that a lot of you have known for a long time. It seems to me necessary to do this booster in the sense that many have installed CCleaner but without thinking of using it regularly.

What is it used for ?

CCleaner is a powerful utility, available in free or paid version (pro). The free version has all the features necessary for a good cleaning of the PC. The Pro versions bringing a few supplements not necessarily essential for the individual.

CCleaner (abréviation the Crap Cleaner) is therefore a freeware allowing to optimize the functioning of a PC and even a Mac ( Mac OS / OS X, but with reduced functionality).

It deletes unnecessary files and records from the system, allowing the computer to run faster, and frees up space on storage devices (hard drives or SSD). It also erases traces of Internet browsing (history of pages visited, cookies), as well as traces of access to files on the computer or other specific applications (browsers, multimedia applications, utilities), which protects user privacy.

The software is also a registry cleaner.

how to use it ?

It’s a very intuitive program. You will only need a few settings to clean your system :

  • the cleaner to delete unnecessary temporary files (Do not worry, your data will not be affected)
  • You can ask the system not to delete your saved accesses and passwords. However, for security these passwords should not be stored..
  • Automate registry cleaning is automatic –
  • Use the tools to manage installed programs or those that load at startup, deactivate unnecessary programs, it'll speed up your computer boot.

Be careful not to delete essential lines or programs. Some maneuvers are irreversible. Don't hesitate to ask for advice.

You can download the latest version here, on the publisher's site.


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