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Audacity, Photoshop sound.

Audacity is a free program, easy to use and very powerful in editing your soundtracks (music, recordings etc…).

This utility offers many possibilities to your audio tracks :

  • isolate a musical extract
  • improve the sound rendering of a recording
  • add effects
  • sound and voice music mixer…

A long-standing reference


Reference software in audio editing, Audacity is available on PC, Linux and Mac. This program is completely free. It supports many audio formats in input and output.

Audacity has a wide range of functions for mixing, treat, record, edit, assembler, cut, modifier, composer, improve, add effects and convert your audio files. You can thus realize real musical projects. Fairly simple to learn and with many tutorials to help you, Audacity is comprehensive and efficient.

The sounds appear on the screen as curves that can be zoomed in, until the spurious sound to be eliminated or the weak area to be enhanced appears. Copy / paste allows you to easily mix extracts. You just have to select a part of the strip with the mouse to affix an effect.

You can thus prepare your soundtracks illustrating your videos, make for example on Movie Maker, create them down to the second with all the necessary effects. You will find this software on the publisher's site. Be careful however to load and install the Lame.exe software – small utility needed to export your works to MP3 format.


Audacity is also available on the Windows Store, always in free version.

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