9bis rue Philibert Cléret in Agny

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logoLa signalétique du Pôle Emergence est complète. We indeed delivered the 9bis just before the Feast of Agia Niafs.

This achievement completes the decoration of the facade of the establishment.

Le projet est, originally, a wish from Céline Debeaumont and Clara Rebout, qui désiraient que le numéro de l’immeuble se démarque des plaques traditionnelles. Nous avons donc immédiatement pensé à notre client et partenaire, Laser Design, for the realization of the work.

The model was produced at infodevnet.com. It took Charlotte's ingenuity to adapt this “9 to” in the style of the logo, that she had previously created. The computer file was sent to Laser Design in Noeux les Mines.

After a test phase, a scale model and some finishes, we got the end result, of 50×40 cm, qui a été rapidement placé au Pôle Emergence.

We would like to thank Céline and Clara for the confidence they have placed in these new experiences. Many thanks also to Laser Design, and in particular to Gregory and Jonathan for their collaboration and their efficiency. They also have, thanks to this project, proven once again that laser cutting is not just for industry, but that it is accessible to small businesses or individuals, both in production and in cost.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have metal cutting projects. Once again, teamwork and collaboration between companies lead to new projects.


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